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Welcome to  Its purpose is to showcase my photography. I am fascinated by abstraction, color and light. Recently, I have begun to create environments by studying the effects of everyday substances on metal and concrete, sometimes in different environments. Examples of these experiments are above.

I've had a lifelong passion for photography, which was ignited by my first job as a reporter and photographer. I am largely self-taught, but I have taken numerous college classes and workshops to improve my skills. I have also moved from documenting life to finding beauty in debris, searching for abstractions to my current project, creating abstract environments.

I enjoy finding beauty in all that I see, so I focus my camera in many directions. I am fascinated by people and other cultures and thus enjoy taking photos of people. I also enjoy nature as well as the manufactured environment, finding the abstract in everyday subjects as well as finding beauty in places that might not be described as beautiful. The images on this page are examples of my latest work.

My photos have been published in Hidden Alcatraz, Steve Fritz & Deborah Roundtree, University of California Press, 2011; Mono Lake, Photography and the Environment Workshop, Photo Alliance, 2009; Connecting Cultures through Art: India, Lisa Filpi & Sally Allen, 2008.

I have participated in San Francisco Open Studios since 2012.

In addition to being a passionate photographer, I enjoy sharing the joys of photography with children.  I developed the Through My Eyes project to that end. I am always open to collaborating with schools and with other photographers on this project.  Please e-mail me at if you have any interest in extending this project.

For further information about my photography, please e-mail me at

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